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SpeakerText combines artificial and human intelligence to offer low-cost, high-quality video and audio transcription.

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  6. Download your transcripts as text or XML files from SpeakerText OR install CaptionBox and download your transcripts as HTML code to place on your website.

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Our interactive transcript plugin, CaptionBox, allows viewers to search and navigate within any video that has a SpeakerText transcript. There's also a Wordpress plugin.

Let's talk about the Internet.

The Internet started off as a web of text documents, but as it matured and technology advanced, people started using it to share pictures, and music, and videos.

But search engines like Google can still only see and understand text.

If you're someone who is serious about putting video on the Web, this is a big problem for you.

SpeakerText is a new service for video publishers that turns video into text and puts your videos on Google's radar.

SpeakerText detects all the videos on your site and loads an interactive transcript plugin––called the SpeakerBar––beneath each video that's been transcribed.

The SpeakerBar shows you the full video text and automatically highlights each sentence as the video plays.

You can use the SpeakerBar to scroll through the full transcript and click on the text to skip backwards and forwards through the video.

You can even use the SpeakerBar to search for quotes within the video itself.

The SpeakerBar makes it easy for people to share specific moments from inside the videos on your website.

If you copy a quote from the SpeakerBar and paste it into a rich text editor like a blog post or an email, the quote becomes a link--called a QuoteLink––that takes people back to your website and starts playing the video at the time cue where the quote appeared.

People can also use the SpeakerBar to share the quotes they like and link back to them on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

SpeakerText is easy to install and works with popular publishing platforms like Wordpress, and video sharing sites like YouTube, Blip.tv
and Brightcove.

To learn more, visit SpeakerText.com


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