About SpeakerText

What would happen if a bunch of geeks moved their families to a developing country and did a tech startup to fight poverty and change the world?


Six years ago the first family traveled to Nepal for a two week vacation and ended up staying because they fell in love with a beautiful country and beautiful people. Since then, others have moved themselves and their families to join a new type of company. That is how CloudFactory was born. A company that cares more about social impact than the profits it can make, but also wise enough to know that profit is what helps to spread social impact and make it sustainable.

SpeakerText is our newest venture, which is spreading our social mission into Kenya where we discovered an untapped reservoir of talent waiting to be unleashed. SpeakerText, powered by CloudFactory, blends advanced technology and human intelligence to provide fast, affordable video transcription and captioning.


How do we do it?




Our technology splits video and audio recordings into 10 second clips and dispatches them to thousands of trained and dedicated cloud workers for quick, accurate transcription. While conventional transcription services typically require at least 24 hours to transcribe a video, SpeakerText can complete the transcription process in as little as three hours.


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