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REST API: Overview

SpeakerText's transcription services may be accessed through a RESTful API. It is possible to initiate transcription and receive transcription results through the API. Anyone with a SpeakerText account can use the API.

Base URL

The SpeakerText API can be accessed at the following base URL:


The API is not available over HTTP; only HTTPS requests will be serviced.


All requests will be authenticated using HTTP basic auth. The username is your API Key (found on your Account Settings page and the password can be any dummy character (we suggest using 'x').

This makes it very easy to test out the SpeakerText API in a browser (most will prompt you for a username/password) or using curl:

curl -u API_TOKEN:x https://api.speakertext.com/v1/...


An API response will consist of an HTTP status code and a JSON body. For convenience, the JSON body will also have include the status code and a message providing more information about the success or failure condition. For more information about responses, including a list of potential status codes, see the individual methods.


To use the API, you must prepay for SpeakerText transcription services. Pricing starts at $120 / hour, but there are volume discounts available. You can see your current balance on your account page.